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Love is in the Air!

I’m in Love with this airplane/travel inspired wedding! The details that were created by each and every person involved were magical.

I hope you Love the paper details as much as I do, I loved incorporating the map elements into my designs.

You can totally DIY the place mats and the table # sign for your wedding. Here’s How…

Place Mats 

You’ll need the following supplies:

1.1 piece of felt any size and color depending on your table decor.

2.Paper or fabric of your choice to stick to the fabric, I chose an old map!

3.A stencil or pattern of your choice, I chose a heart!

4.Lastly, you’ll need glue and scissors.

Directions: Trace your pattern onto the paper or fabric you have chosen. Take out your felt and lay it out, then turn over your cut out and glue the back of it and stick it to the felt! Voila! Your Done!

Table # Signs

You’ll need the following supplies:

1. 1 wooden stick.

2.Spray Paint, any color that matches your event theme.

3.Yarn, any color that matches your event theme.

4.Your printed table #

5. Glue

Directions: Spray paint the stick with the color of your choice (let it dry), in this case I chose Gold! Then Glue the printed table # onto the stick. Lastly you will want to wrap the yarn around the stick right underneath the table # print out. Once your done you will be able to stick your table # sign in the the flower arrangement or potted plan like we did here.

Hope these DIY’s are useful! let me know if you have any questions.



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