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I like to listen to music when I design.

Many things inspire me when designing and creating especially music. As you can see I was listening to The Black Key’s when I did this Photo Shop Doodle. I know I know, it’s super trendy and hipster but I love it.

One thing I’ve learned in my short time as a designer is that it’s sort of like fashion, each season you sort of stick with one theme (I know you have noticed my theme is the geometric and tribal vibe) it’s pretty much dominated most of my designs. However 2012 is drawing to a close and so is my geometric chapter, I cant wait to see what else my brain comes up with in 2012!



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FNC – Logo Design

I was able to create the Friday Night Church logo for their new series “UPSIDE DOWN KINGDOM” on Matthew 5-7 at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. I’m really happy with how to logo, color and everything turned out! Enjoy!

If your free Friday Night come out and enjoy some coffee and sweet treats!

For more info check out the FNC website.

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